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Services in your home

Service provider?

You'll find information for people who run home care services in our Guidance for providers section.

We register a range of different services which offer care in the home.

The most common of these services are home-care agencies, which offer people a care worker in their own homes to help meet a range of needs.

These agencies offer a wide variety of care, in some cases a full 24-hour day of care.

Types of services in your home

Home care agencies

  • Care workers visit people in their own homes.
  • Visits take place at various times throughout the day.
  • The number of these agencies is rising.

Mobile doctors

  • Medical consultations in your home.
  • Possible consultation with a doctor over the internet.
  • Nurses or other healthcare professionals may support the doctor.

Phone/online advice

  • Clinical services over the phone, through websites or by email.
  • Initial consultation is usually with a registered nurse.
  • Services may include advice, diagnosis, prescriptions and referrals.

Find out about how we monitor, inspect and regulate services in your home.