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Guidance on sharing your experience with us

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Want to tell us about a particular care service?

If you have received poor care, or you know that poor care is being given somewhere, you can report it to us (anonymously if you wish). You can also tell us when you think you have received good care.

About sharing your experience

Why report your experience of care with us?

We regularly check information from a variety of sources to build up a complete picture of care given by health and social care services.

This information includes statistics (on deaths for example) and, just as importantly, details of what patients, carers and staff think of an organisation and how it treats people.

The Share Your Experience form gives us valuable feedback about how services are performing, and we take this feedback into account when we decide whether they are meeting national standards.

What we do with your feedback

Every piece of information we receive about experiences of care is looked at by our inspectors. They will use it to decide when, where and what to inspect.

At times, the information you share with us may lead us to contact the service for more information.

Other times, we may carry out a responsive inspection or bring forward an inspection we had already planned.

If we think someone is at risk of abuse, we will contact the safeguarding team at the local council who can take immediate action in these cases.


Depending on the kind of feedback you give us, we may want to pass your experience on to the service concerned, the local authority or another health or social care organisation. This is so they can take any necessary action to improve the care provided and to ensure people using the service are safe.

If you do not want us to pass on your experience, you can tick one or both of the boxes at the bottom of the form.

In some cases we may have to share your information (including, in rare cases, your personal details if you supplied them) with other organisations, for example if we think it's necessary to allow them to investigate if someone vulnerable is at risk of abuse, harm or neglect. We will never publish your personal information on our website.

For more information, read our Code of Practice on confidential personal information.

How we deal with urgent concerns

If your feedback as urgent we will refer it to our Safeguarding team or another agency. Our inspectors will then investigate urgently.

In cases like these it helps if you give us your contact details, as our inspectors may need to ask you for more information.

Formal complaints about providers

We cannot deal with formal complaints about a service. You will need to complain directly to the service, but we will check to make sure the provider deals with your complaint and learns from it.

If you have made a complaint or plan to do so, we would still like you to give us your feedback. Although we can’t resolve your complaint, your feedback will help us to regulate services.

Find out more about Making a complaint.

What you can expect from us

We do not normally reply individually to feedback, but in some cases our inspectors may contact you to ask you for more information (if you have given your details).


Last updated:
13 January 2016