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Mental Health Act Annual Report 2013/14

  • 5 February 2015

Our annual report into the use of the Mental Health Act (MHA) tells you about the experiences of patients who received care under the act throughout 2013/14, and also recognises the act's 30th anniversary and the five years since CQC have been responsible for keeping the act under review....

Our plan for engaging the public in our work in 2015-16

  • 26 January 2015

Our purpose is to make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and to encourage services to improve. To deliver our purpose, we need to understand and focus on what matters to people and build their trust and confidence in our work....

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2013/14

  • 23 January 2015

Read the findings from our fifth annual report on the use of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, which looks at the period 2013/14. About the safeguards The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards were introduced in 2009 and are part of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA). The safeguards are used to...

Complaints matter

  • 5 December 2014

Complaints matter in health and social care. For too long they have not been taken seriously enough. And too often complaints are met with a defensive culture instead of a willingness to listen and learn. This report: Describes how complaints and concerns fit into our new regulatory model. Presents...

A safer place to be

  • 21 October 2014

In January and February 2014 we carried out a survey of NHS mental health trusts and social enterprise providers of health-based places of safety in England. The purpose of this survey was to examine the provision and use of health-based places of safety for people detained under section 136 of the...

State of Care 2013/14

  • 16 October 2014

In 2013/14 we began to introduce a new, tougher approach to inspecting care services. Our more rigorous, expert-led inspections are starting to give us a deeper understanding of the quality of health and social care than ever before. We've found many examples of good and outstanding care. But...

Cracks in the pathway

  • 10 October 2014

During 2013 and 2014, we carried out a thematic review of the care people living with dementia receive as they moved between care homes and acute hospitals. Overall we found more good care than poor care in the care homes and hospitals our inspectors visited. But the quality of care for people...

NHS GP out-of-hours services: findings from the first comprehensive inspections

  • 24 September 2014

We began inspecting NHS GP out-of-hours services earlier this year, using our new, more comprehensive approach to inspection. While out-of-hours services are often considered to be higher risk, we found many examples of good and outstanding care. Between January and March 2014 we inspected 30 NHS...

The safer management of controlled drugs 2013

  • 19 August 2014

As well as regulating health and care services, we are also responsible for making sure that care providers, and other regulators, maintain a safe environment for the management of controlled drugs in England. This arose from the findings of the fourth report of the Shipman Inquiry and the...

Special measures: one year on

  • 30 July 2014

In 2013, Sir Bruce Keogh led a review of 14 NHS trusts (nine NHS foundation trusts and five NHS trusts) that had high mortality rates. The review identified problems relating to quality and safety and/or leadership in all 14 trusts. 11 of the 14 were put into 'special measures'. What are...

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