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Applying to be a registered manager

As you may be aware, GPs and other primary medical services must now register with CQC. As part of the registration process, most providers need to appoint one or more people to the role of registered manager.

If you’ve been asked to be a registered manager, you can read more about the role and what it means to you and the provider below.

What is a registered manager?

A registered manager is the person who’ll be in day-to-day charge of the regulated activities carried out by the provider.

They’ll be legally responsible, with the provider, for ensuring compliance with the essential standards of quality and safety.

Who should be appointed to this role?

Quick tip

The practice manager shouldn't necessarily be the registered manager.

Some practice managers may be suitable for the role of registered manager. However, in most cases a partner (clinical or business) will be more appropriate.

Since registered managers share legal responsibility for compliance with the provider (e.g. the GP partnership) they need to be able to influence compliance with the essential standards.

Example 1
Sally is the practice manager for a practice that has three GP partners

Example 2
Bob is a practice manager at a practice where he is also a partner

Example 3
Janine is the clinical director for a limited company

Example 4
Andrew is the medical director for a large practice

What should you do now?

If you agree to be a registered manager for your organisation, you’ll need to register with CQC.

Quick tip

If you're not willing to be the registered manager for the regulated activities you've been asked to take responsibility for, you shouldn't fill out the form.

In order to register with us, you will need to fill out the application form. You can download this and find more guidance at the page below.

Download the manager application form

If you don't want to take on the responsibilities of being a registered manager, you should discuss with your line manager whether someone else would be more appropriate for the role.

Common questions

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