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Who we are and what we do

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Who we are

We are the regulator for all health and social care services in England.

A regulator is an organisation that checks services meet the government’s standards or rules about care.

We check that people get good, safe care from:

- hospitals

- dentists

- care homes

- services that support them in their own home or in other places

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We also look after the rights of people who need extra support to stay safe.

This includes people who are kept in care under a law called the Mental Health Act.

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What we check

The government’s standards cover all areas of care.

These rules are about things like:

- respecting people and treating them in the way we all expect to be treated.

- making sure people receive the food and drink they need.

- giving people care in clean, safe buildings.

- managing services and having the right staff.

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We put care services on our register if they meet the standards, or act quickly if they do not.

How we check services

We continue to use different information to find out as much as we can about services.

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Information from the public about their experiences of care is very important to us.

We also work with local groups and people who use services to find out what’s working well and what’s working badly in health and social care services in their area.

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Whistleblowing is when people who work (or used to work) at a care service tell us that people are being harmed, or could be harmed, there.

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Our inspectors check services all over England to make sure they meet the rules for good, safe care.

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Other places we get information

Care services, and other organisations like the NHS, also give us information about certain things that happen.

For example, we will check a service if more people are dying there than usual.

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How we make sure people stick to the rules

We act quickly to stop unsafe services or bad ways of working.

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We say what needs to change and go back to check things are better.

We can:

- fine services (make them pay money).

- give services a public warning.

- stop the service caring for any new people.

- stop a service from caring for people while we find out what is happening.

- close services.

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On this website you can find out more information about:

- the rules for good, safe care.

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- how we involve people who use services.

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- the services we check.

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- the way we check services.


Last updated:
29 May 2017