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We are carrying out checks at St Luke's Hospice using our new way of inspecting services. We will publish a report when our check is complete.


Inspection carried out on 5 June 2013

During a routine inspection

When we visited St. Luke's Hospice we found that there was detailed information for people to help them understand the care and treatment that was available. Leaflets were displayed in the main entrance area and these outlined the services offered and they were very informative. These included in-patient or day care, counselling services for friends and relatives and information about the various support groups that had been organised.

When we spoke with relatives and service users we were told that the care was excellent. One person said, "They are so kind and caring here and explained all the treatments before I received them." We found that the care plans were very detailed, personalised and contained all the information required to enable staff to provide the most appropriate care and treatment.

Medicines were stored in line with current regulations and a robust management system was in place that included accurate recording, administering and disposal procedures.

We looked at the numbers of staff on duty and their skills and qualifications and this included those who volunteered at the hospice. We found that all staff were trained to be able to deal with the needs of the people using the service. Staff we spoke with were happy with the levels and frequency of their training and when we viewed training records we found that all training was in date and relevant to the people receiving treatment there.

Inspection carried out on 26 November 2012

During a routine inspection

People with whom we spoke told us that the care provided in the day unit and inpatient unit at St Luke's hospice was of a high standard. One person said “I look forward to coming to the day centre each week, it makes me feel better”. Another person told us that “the staff and volunteers are so caring and nothing was too much trouble”. We saw that people experienced care, treatment and support that met their needs and protected their rights. They were protected from the risk of infection because appropriate guidance had been followed.

Staff told us they were supported to deliver care and treatment safely and to an appropriate standard and we could see that the provider had an effective system to regularly assess and monitor the quality of service that people receive. Everyone we spoke with was positive about the quality of services at St Luke's Hospice and also told us that they would not be worried about raising concerns if necessary because the attitude of staff was open and welcoming.

Inspection carried out on 12, 13 April 2011

During a routine inspection

People with whom we spoke were very happy with the services provided by St Lukes hospice and felt well informed and fully involved in their care and treatment. They were knowledgeable about the different services available and aware of the written information available to all. People told us that privacy and dignity was respected at all times.

People told us that they were fully consulted about all aspects of their care and treatment. They were confident that no decisions would be made without the full involvement of the person receiving the care or their family members where appropriate. One person due for discharge told us they had discussed the planning for discharge with members of the team and knew what was being arranged for their discharge.

People said “Continuity of care was good”. Two people said that some times there were too many visitors.

People were very happy with the food provided and told us they were always given choices about what they wanted to eat and drink. They praised the chef and staff in the good presentation of food which they said made it more appetising. They felt well supported by all staff including, the hospice at home team and the Macmillan nurses. They said that there was good communication between the hospice and their consultants and the hospital palliative care teams.

People told us they feel safe and secure within the hospice and that if any concerns were raised, that the staff would take them seriously and would not tolerate any form of abuse. They said the hospice was very clean and that the standards of hygiene were good. They saw staff washing their hands properly and did not feel they were at risk from any poor infection control practices.

People with whom we spoke told us that the staff are very helpful if they have any queries about their medication and that the doctor is very supportive if they need a review of their medicines to help symptom control. They told us that the environment both in the day centre and the in patient unit was calming and restful. They were impressed with the gardens and new therapy rooms.

Everyone with whom we spoke said that the staff at the hospice were very good. People told us that there are always adequate amounts of staff available to help them when needed. They also told us that all staff were knowledgeable about their needs. People told us that staff were kind and caring and that, "Nothing was ever too much trouble". We were also told “The staff are so friendly you could ask them anything”. Everyone we spoke with said they would have no concerns about raising a complaint if necessary and that they were confident it would be handled properly without discrimination.

People with whom we spoke said that they were aware that records were kept about them and trusted the staff with this aspect of the service.