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Introduction to guidance for GP practices

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This page highlights the essential and recommended reading to help you meet the regulations and prepare for a CQC inspection. 

1. Preparing for inspection

Two weeks before your inspection we will send you a letter notifying you of the inspection date and requesting information to help us prepare. We will also send comments cards for you to make available to your patients.

An inspector will also call you to explain what will happen on the day. What to expect from an inspection explains the different stages of an inspection.

2. The inspection

The inspection will last one day. In the morning the inspection team will ask you to deliver a presentation. The inspectors will then assess the quality of care based on the information you have provided and by carrying out interviews with a wide range of staff and patients.  They will also read the comments cards completed by your patients. 

3. After inspection

You will receive informal feedback at the end of your inspection. We will then send you a draft report, including a rating, for you to check.

We aim to publish each report within 50 working days of inspection. Once you have received your official rating you must display it in line with the regulations. We recommend you use materials from our website.

Any practice placed into special measures can seek support from NHS England and will receive a further comprehensive inspection within six months.

There is a process to challenge the factual accuracy of your report or rating.

Last updated:
10 August 2017


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