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Searching for the history of care services

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When you're searching for information about care on our website, you may see profile pages marked as 'archived'. These are services which are no longer registered with us.

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We include this information on the website as it allows you to find out about the history of care at a particular site or read reports on services that have closed.

There are a variety of reasons why a particular 'provider'or 'location' page becomes 'archived' on this website. Most commonly it's because a care service has stopped operating or been taken over by another organisation.

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Archived locations

Where you see a 'location' (such as a hospital, GP surgery, dental practice, care home) marked as 'archived', it's likely to be as a result of one of the following scenarios:

  • The provider voluntarily closes it – for example, when a private healthcare clinic closes because it is no longer profitable.
  • We take enforcement action to close it – for example, when we close a care home after our inspectors find evidence of poor care or abuse.
  • The legal entity providing the service changes – for example, when a home care agency is taken over by another company.
  • The service changes address – for example, when a GP surgery moves to a new building to take advantage of better facilities.
  • Changes to the provider's registration with us mean that this address no longer counts as a 'registered location'.
  • Services regulated by us are no longer provided – for example, some fertility clinics have no longer been regulated by us since 1 October 2013.

Archived providers

Where you see a 'provider' (such as an NHS trust, a health or social care company, a partnership of GPs or dentists, or a home care agency) marked as 'archived', it's likely to be as a result of one of the following scenarios:

  • The provider stops operating – for example, when a care home company closes down.
  • We take enforcement action to cancel its registration – for example, when we find poor care and decide it is in people's best interests to prevent a home care agency operating.
  • The provider is taken over or merges with another – for example, when an NHS trust merges with another in order to address issues with the quality of care.
  • Services regulated by us are no longer provided – for example, when a private healthcare company changes the services it offers in a way that means they no longer have to be registered with us.

Linking 'old' and 'new' profiles

In many situations, there's a clear link between an archived location or provider and a currently registered one. For example, if a care home is bought by a new company, there will be a new profile on our website for the home but the history of inspection reports will still be of interest to people.

In these situations, we add a link to both the archived and the currently registered service's profile page so you can find the history of our reports.

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Filtering your search

When you're searching for services on our website, you can refine your results to include only currently registered services or only archived ones using the 'status' option on the left-hand side. This includes options for 'No longer registered' and 'Registered' which will limit the results to only those services.

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Last updated:
8 March 2018


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