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We have published information on CQC's expenditure, contracts, five-day payment targets and organograms to reflect the Government's agenda for increased transparency of public information.

Freedom of information

Find out about your rights to obtain information from us.

Spending transparency

Download information on CQC's expenditure over £25,000.

Five-day payment target

Download reports detailing the percentage of suppliers paid within five days of receipt.


Find out about all of our new central government contracts over the value of £10,000.

Business expenses

Download the business expenses of senior executive and non-executive board members at CQC.

Staff survey

Our annual survey helps us to gain an insight into issues such as communication and morale.

Organisational structure

Find out more about the functions and directorates within CQC and how the organisation is structured.

Ratings review

Reporting checks on the process of awarding and aggregating ratings.


Last updated:
26 May 2016