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Themed review of dementia care

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We are undertaking a themed inspection programme looking at the quality of dementia care.

About this inspection programme

During this inspection programme, we are looking at:

  • the quality of support provided to people with dementia to enable them to maintain their physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • how the care provided aims to reduce admissions to hospitals from care homes and avoid unnecessary lengths of stay in hospital.
  • how services work together when people move from one service to another.

Which services have been inspected?

We have inspected 129 care homes and 20 acute hospitals looking at how people’s care needs were assessed, how the care was planned and delivered, how providers worked together, and how providers monitored the quality of their care.

What will we publish?

We will publish:

  • a report for each service that we inspect.
  • a national report that highlights key themes, what works well and what needs to improve. The dementia thematic report will be published in the week commencing 13th October.

Stakeholder Advisory Group

We have set up an advisory group made up of a wide range of stakeholders who will provide advice and expertise to the programme.

The terms of reference, including membership of the group, can be found in the document below.

Terms of reference: Stakeholder Advisory Group for CQC's themed inspection programme on dementia care Word | 1.1 MB

Last updated:
28 July 2014