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Themed inspections

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Our themed inspections look at specific standards, sectors or types of care.

Current themed inspection programmes

End of life care

The aim of this programme is to help us gain a better understanding of joined-up, integrated end of life care and why some groups' experience is less positive.

Child safeguarding inspections

This programme explores how health services keep children safe and contribute to promoting the health and wellbeing of looked after children and care leavers.

Findings from past themed inspection programmes

Dementia care

This programme looked at the quality of dementia care and how people move between different care services.

Transition arrangements for young people with complex health needs

These inspections explored the arrangements made for children with complex health needs as they move from children's to adult services.

Review of home care services

We looked at whether people receiving care at home are treated with dignity and respect, are supported by skilled staff, have choice about their care and benefit from processes that are meant to keep them safe.

Review of learning disability services

This programme of 150 inspections focused standards of care and welfare, and safeguarding.

Dignity and nutrition for older people

These inspections looked at whether older people are treated with respect and dignity and get enough food and drink to meets their needs.

Last updated:
27 May 2015