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Services for people with learning disabilities

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This section is for providers and managers of services exclusively for people with learning disabilities. In July 2013, we strengthened the way we register providers of these services.

The changes mean that from now on, new providers will have to be clearer about the service they intend to offer. We're also encouraging providers to take into account current thinking about people-centred services for those with learning difficulties.

Why are we making these changes?

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You can read the Department of Health response to Winterbourne View – ‘Transforming care’ – as well as the concordat agreement on the website.

The abuse exposed at Winterbourne View hospital - and in the serious case review by South Gloucestershire Council - showed there was a real need for 'outcome-based commissioning' for hospitals looking after people with learning disabilities.

As a result we're changing how we assess leadership and corporate responsibility in service providers for this sector.

This means that - as well as being clearer about how services will be provided - future service providers will need:

  • systems in place to quality assure the services they intend to provide
  • named individuals to take responsibility for meeting quality and safety standards.

To make all this happen, we've revised our application forms and how we assess both providers and managers. We're also improving some of the training for our staff who will assess applications in future.

This new approach is the first step towards improving the way we assess all service providers. We expect there to be stronger tests in place for all providers by 2014.

You can read more about Our action since Winterbourne View or download the serious case review on the South Gloucestershire Council website.

Statements of purpose

As part of our work to strengthen our registration process, we are updating the statement of purpose requirements and strengthening our approach to how we use it.

This means the information required in the new statement of purpose will differ from that currently expected and from that set out in the regulations.

You can find out more in the guidance below and download the template to complete below.

LD guidance: Statement of purpose PDF | 600.17 KBLD form: Statement of purpose template Word | 134.5 KB

Application form

There is a new application forms for providers below but, if you are applying as a manager, you should use our existing New registered manager application form.

There are separate forms for providers registering as individuals, partnerships and organisations. Each form has a guidance document to accompany it.

Download the form and guidance

New provider: Application form DOCX | 236.64 KB

Applying as a new provider: Guidance document PDF | 169.28 KB

Additional sections

There are also separate sections for adding additional partners, locations or nominated individuals. You can download these below.

Supporting information

Supporting information: Effective clinical supervision PDF | 301.48 KBSupporting information: Qualifications and CPD for registered managers PDF | 337.57 KB

After registration

Once you're registered with us, you will need to inform us of certain events or changes in your service (known as 'notifications').

You will also need to apply to us if you want to change the details of your registration - the services you provide, where you provide them or who manages them for you, for example.

Read more about Notifications.

Read more about Making changes to your registration.

Last updated:
16 July 2014