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The safer management of controlled drugs 2014

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We are responsible for making sure that health and social care providers, and other regulators, maintain a safe environment for managing controlled drugs in England.

Cover of safer management of controlled drugs 2014 report

This is our eighth report in which we make six recommendations to further strengthen these arrangements. This report looks at the work of CQC and other responsible organisations during 2014 to ensure safe arrangements for controlled drugs. It also reports on prescribing data on controlled drugs across England and identifies prescribing trends.

2014 was a settling down period in which NHS England lead controlled drug accountable officers (CDAOs) worked hard to ensure that the arrangements for the safe management of controlled drugs were maintained following the restructure of the NHS and changes in regulations during 2013.

Our responsibilities include maintaining the register of controlled drug accountable officers and working with controlled drug local intelligence networks (CD LINs) across England. We also chair the National Group on Controlled Drugs and have published a separate report based on the activity of our partner organisations.

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Last updated:
25 September 2015