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The safer management of controlled drugs

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We are responsible for making sure that health and social care providers, and other regulators, maintain a safe environment for managing controlled drugs in England.

The safer management of controlled drugs 2015: report cover

Our report for 2015 highlights local and national initiatives to promote the safe use of controlled drugs and to reduce harm from their misuse. The report also includes an overview of data for 2015 on prescribing of controlled drugs across England in the primary care sector and identifies any trends in prescribing, and highlights key changes to legislation.

The report makes three recommendations to strengthen existing arrangements for reporting and sharing concerns about controlled drugs across England.

One of CQC’s responsibilities under the regulations is to maintain and publish a register of controlled drug accountable officers (CDAOs) who are responsible for all controlled drug handling and governance issues in their organisation. We also chair the National Group on Controlled Drugs, which enables key regulators and agencies with a controlled drugs remit to focus on key areas including thefts and frauds, patient safety, policy and operational issues and prescribing. CQC also has oversight of how well local controlled drug intelligence networks (CD LINs) across England are working.

There are two separate annexes to the 2015 report: The activity report for the National Group on Controlled drugs, and the report of activity from the Cross-Border Group for safer management of controlled drugs in the devolved administrations (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland).

National group on controlled drugs 2015 PDF | 626.9 KB

Cross border group on controlled drugs 2015 PDF | 509.47 KB


Last updated:
31 January 2017