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Quality of care in a place

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We've used inspection findings and data from other sources to build a picture of what care is like for the people who use health and social care services in two local areas.

What we did

To arrive at a view of the quality of care in each of these places we used:

  • results of the inspections we had carried out in the two areas
  • other data and information from local people, as well as local and national organisations.

What these reports show

The purpose of the reports is to:

  • inform the public about the quality of their local services and how well they work together
  • show care providers and commissioners of health and care where they need to improve to serve local people better
  • highlight findings that show where good joint working has benefited people who use health and care services.

How this work will help us

This feeds into our strategy for the next five years, which will set out how we'll regulate health and social care services as they change to become more joined up and based on people's individual needs.

We'll also use the findings to:

  • test whether information about the quality of care in a place can help drive improvement locally
  • explore how we can better understand the impact of leadership, funding and commissioning on quality across a local area.

Last updated:
20 May 2016