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Our old inspection model

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The way we inspect and regulate health and social care services is changing. We already inspect many types of service using our new approach – including acute hospitals, care homes and GP practices.

We still inspect some services, including dentists and ambulance services, using our old approach. We're finalising our plans to begin inspecting these services using our new inspection model.

Checking compliance against standards

Under our old approach, we inspect services to check they're compliant with national standards. When we publish our findings, we use a system of ticks and crosses to indicate whether or not standards were being met when we carried out our inspection.

What do we do during the inspection?

During our inspections we:

  • ask people about their experiences of receiving care.
  • talk to care staff.
  • check that the right systems and processes are in place.
  • look for evidence that the service isn't meeting national standards.

Sometimes our inspectors are accompanied by clinical experts and experts by experience (people who have experience of receiving care), who will also talk to people who receive care. The inspections we carry out under our new approach often involve larger teams, which include clinical and other experts.

Last updated:
19 January 2015