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Our old inspection model

We inspect most hospitals, care homes and home care services at least once a year, and we inspect dental services at least once every two years.

We also re-inspect services that aren’t meeting standards and we will inspect services more often if we think they are providing poor care that might be putting people at risk.

Are inspections unannounced?

Our inspections are unannounced unless there is a good reason for us to let the service know we are coming.

What do we do during the inspection?

During our inspections we:

  • ask people about their experiences of receiving care.
  • talk to care staff.
  • check that the right systems and processes are in place.
  • look for evidence that the service isn’t meeting national standards.

Sometimes our inspectors will be accompanied by clinical experts and Experts by experience (people who have experience of receiving care) who will also talk to people who receive care.

We judge services against the national standards which are the standards that people can expect when receiving health or social care.

Last updated:
16 May 2014