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Our new inspection model

Find out more about the methodology behind the inspections we will carry out under our new inspection model.

How will the inspections be carried out?

We will carry out a mixture of announced and unannounced inspections.

The aim of our new inspections is to get to the heart of patients’ experiences.

We will look at the quality and safety of the care provided based on the things that matter to people. We will look at whether the service is:

  • safe.
  • effective.
  • caring.
  • responsive to people’s needs.
  • well-led.

Through this approach, we will have a richer and broader understanding of the quality provided. It will also allow us to comment on new areas around leadership and governance. 

The inspection teams

The inspection teams will be led by an experienced CQC manager and be chaired by a senior NHS clinician or executive. They will always include:

Our approach

There are three phases to our new inspection model.

We will analyse and review the data and information we hold about the service we are inspecting.

This includes information from:

  • local and voluntary groups.
  • people who use services.
  • other stakeholders.
  • the trust.

This will help us to make a decision on who needs to be on the inspection team, which areas we need to focus on and the concerns we need to look at.

When inspecting the service, we will use different methods to gather evidence on whether it is meeting the five areas above.

We will do this by:

  • speaking with people who use services, as well as their carers and advocates.
  • holding focus groups with staff and people who use services.
  • observing care.
  • interviewing key members of the senior management team and staff of all levels.
  • visiting certain services out of hours and unannounced.

Based on the information we receive about the service, we will make judgements on how well it is performing.

We will publish reports which clearly set out our judgement and the evidence we have used.

Where we have concerns and we decide it is necessary, we will take enforcement action against the service.

Sharing information at quality summits

Quality summits will be held with the service and local partners and local Healthwatch that have sent us information.

These summits will give them the opportunity to hear about the findings of the inspection and to focus on the next steps needed if the service needs to improve.

We will publish our data packs and our inspection reports on our website the day after the quality summit.

Last updated:
19 May 2014