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Organisational structure

On this page you'll find details of our payscales, as well as a link to our organisational chart.

Organisational information we publish

As part of the government's commitment to openness and transparency, the Prime Minister committed to the publication of:

  • names
  • grades
  • job titles
  • organograms (organisational charts)
  • senior and junior staff payscales
  • details of staff reporting to each director and head of function – and at which level (tier).

Staff payscales

Senior staff payscales

Senior staff payscale dataset CSV | 3.82 KB

This document contains names, grades (senior civil service equivalent), job titles, brief descriptions of role/function, contact details, reporting line, salary costs of direct reports and annual salaries.

In accordance with Cabinet Office guidelines on the disclosure of senior salaries, we've disclosed the names and salary costs of our executive team only.

Junior staff payscales

Junior staff payscale dataset CSV | 46.49 KB

This document contains numbers of full time equivalent (FTE) staff by directorate/function and by generic job title. We've given broad payscale information for each role.

We've also included details of the senior staff member that each junior post reports to. We haven't included details of junior staff reporting to other junior staff.

Our organisational chart

Our organogram on shows our structure on 31 March 2014. You'll find more up-to-date information on our senior staff by visiting meet our team.

The organogram shows you:

  • staff reporting to each director and head of function, and their level (tier).
  • the structure of each directorate and the total number of staff in each area.
  • broad payscale information.

Find our organogram on

Last updated:
1 September 2014