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National Care Home Open Day 2014

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It's National Care Home Open Day on Friday, 20 June 2014.

On this day, care homes around the country will open their doors to the wider community to allow members of the public to meet residents and find out more about care homes.

Participating care homes will be carrying out their own fun events and activities. Visit the National Care Home Open Day website to find a participating home near you.

Meet some of our inspectors and other staff

More than 220 inspectors and other members of staff will be getting involved on the day by visiting participating homes.

In the map below, you can view the care homes we will be visiting, the name and role of the CQC staff member attending, and the activities the home will be carrying out. We will be updating this map on a weekly basis in the runup to National Care Home Open Day.

By attending homes across the country, we want to celebrate good practice in social care services, encourage relationships between local communities and care homes and hopefully meet some of you along the way.

Key to map showing CQC staff members who are attending care homes participating in National Care Home Open Day

What our inspectors say...

Sarah Drew…

“I am looking forward to attending the day and meeting with people who live in care homes, and visitors outside of an inspection. I think it will be a really positive way of building connections and relationships between ourselves and the public.”

Ruth Hannent…

“National Care Home Open Day is a great event for inspectors to attend. It gives us an opportunity to show the public what CQC does and that we are caring people who they can approach without feeling apprehensive.

“I am looking forward to spending time with both people living in the home and their relatives and friends. It gives me the chance to explain what CQC does, what my role is, and how I carry it out. I find 2014 an exciting time, and like all other inspectors, just want what is right for people using care services.”  

Ifat Reader…

 “I know from the inspections I do that the majority of care homes do a really good job and provide people with great care. I’m looking forward to the day as a chance to get out into the community and talk to people about the work that care homes do – and the work that we do – to check that they are delivering compassionate care which meets people’s needs.”

Last updated:
19 June 2014