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Integrated care for older people

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Image of a carer with an older person

This review looks at care for older people. It explores how different services are organised and coordinated, and how this affects the quality of care that people receive.

What we aim to achieve

Forming a better understanding of integrated care will help us to find out how it can lead to better outcomes for older people.

This project aims to:

  • Help us understand how well different health and social care services work together to meet older people's needs.
  • Make recommendations for care providers and commissioners about delivering integrated care for older people.
  • Help us to improve the way we regulate care services.

What is integrated care?

National Voices describes integrated care as 'person-centred coordinated care'. For a person using services, this means:

"I can plan my care with people who work together to understand me and my carer(s), allow me control, and bring together services to achieve the outcomes important to me."

Three important features of integrated care are:

  • Services working together across the health and social care sectors.
  • People's control over the planning of their care.
  • Achieving the results that are important to people who use services, their families and their carers.

What does the review look at?

We're interested in people's individual experience of care as well as data which describes how people interact with and move between different organisations in the health and care system. We're also looking at how integrated care relates to the five key questions we ask when we inspect services. Our methods include gathering information on people's experiences of care and carrying out fieldwork.

  • We're examining how effectively care providers are coordinating care for older people and how well they communicate.
  • We're looking for examples of good and outstanding care and looking at what prevents older people from receiving integrated care.
  • We're talking to commissioners to understand local arrangements for the care of older people.

Where we are now

Our fieldwork is now complete. It involved asking older people and their carers about their experiences of care, to find out how it's integrated and how it meets their individual needs. We have also tracked peoples journeys through the care system, talking to local representative groups such as Healthwatch and to professionals responsible for providing care in different settings.

We plan to publish our recommendations this summer.

Last updated:
18 May 2016