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How we regulate, inspect and rate services

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We asked people to give us their views about our plans to change the way we regulate, inspect and rate care services. The changes included:

  • what we look at on an inspection.
  • how we judge what 'good' care looks like.
  • how we rate care services to help you judge and choose care if you want to.
  • how we use information to help us decide when and where we inspect.

The main changes we proposed were:

  • introducing new ways to inspect services, with Chief Inspectors and more specialist teams that include members of the public.
  • using a new system of intelligent monitoring to help us decide when, where and what to inspect.
  • listening to people's experiences of care and using the best information across our monitoring system.

Summary of responses

Consultation response: NHS acute hospitals, community health and specialist mental health services PDF | 325.7 KB

Consultation response: residential, community and hospice adult social care services PDF | 194.96 KB

Consultation response: NHS GP practices and GP out-of-hours services PDF | 405.95 KB

Read more about the consultation response.

Revised guidance

We used the responses we received during this consultation to refine our approach and we began publishing our provider handbooks in September 2014.

Consultation documents

You can read about our plans in detail in the original consultation documents, our draft provider handbooks.


Last updated:
21 February 2015