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Photo of a dental nurse showing a child how to brush her teeth

Service provider?

You'll find information for dentists in our Guidance for providers section.

Dentists (also known as dental surgeons) provide a wide range of services to treat or prevent conditions affecting the mouth such as dental decay.

Dentists in England may offer private or NHS treatment or a mixture of both. Dental practices can vary in size from a sole trader operating alone to large organisations with practices spread across the country.

A fresh start to the way we inspect and regulate dental care services

Download the document below to find out about the changes we're making to the way we inspect and regulate dental care services.

A fresh start for the regulation and inspection of dental care services PDF | 421.99 KB

We published a draft version of our handbook for service providers as part of a recent consultation. The handbook explains in detail how we plan to regulate and inspect dental care services.

Types of dentist

There are three main types of dentist you can search for on this website: dental clinics, NHS hospital dental services and private hospital dental services. You can use the links below to find the services you need.

Dental clinics

  • Includes all dental surgeries
  • Can be paid for by the NHS or privately.
  • More than 90 per cent are run from a single location.

Hospital dental services

  • Services offered may be more complex than those offered by ‘high street’ dental clinics.
  • They may include the treatment of conditions affecting the facial bones, jaws and salivary glands.