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Annual report 2014/15

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Over the past two years we've made radical changes to the way we regulate and inspect health and social care services. In 2014/15, we moved from designing our new approach to delivering it.

Our achievements in 2014/15

At the start of the year our focus was on testing and evaluating our approach. By the end of the year we were using our new approach to inspection and publishing ratings in most of the sectors we regulate.

Over the year we also:

  • Prepared care providers and our staff for the new fundamental standards of care and our stronger enforcement powers, which came into effect on 1 April.
  • Continued to develop our special measures regime. We saw significant improvement in most of the 11 NHS trusts put in special measures in 2013. We also introduced special measures for GP practices and developed special measures for adult social care.
  • Increased our use of Experts by Experience and continued to involve the voices of the public in our work.
  • Explored issues of quality through our publications and thematic reviews – including State of care and Complaints matter.
  • Invested in a targeted recruitment process – we met our goal of hiring an additional 300 inspectors by the end of April 2015.
  • Launched our new values: excellence, caring, integrity and teamwork.
Last updated:
21 July 2015