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About us

Image of a man in a wheelchair being pushed into a lift

We regulate health and social care services

Find out about our role, the standards we set and how we check they're being met.


What we do

Our job is to check whether hospitals, care homes, GPs, dentists and services in your home are meeting national standards.

We do this by inspecting services and publishing our findings, helping people to make choices about the care they receive.

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How we do our job

Our strategy

Image of a calculator and pencil on a deskFind out about our goals for the years ahead and how we're changing the way we work.

Working in partnership

Image of two people shaking handsWe work with other organisations to share information and improve how care is overseen.

How we are run

Image of a man's hands holding a pen over a deskRead about our governance and how we're structured to help us achieve our aims.

Meet our team

Chief inspectors

Photograph of Sir Mike RichardsWe've appointed three Chief Inspectors to lead our inspection and regulation of health and social care services.

Board of directors

Image of Camilla Cavendish and Louis Appleby attending a CQC board meetingOur board is accountable to the public, Parliament and the Secretary of State for Health.

Executive team

Image of David Behan speakingOur executive team is responsible for ensuring we deliver the board's strategy and achieve our purpose.