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What is a clinic?

 There are a range of different types of healthcare clinics in England - offering services such as IVF, cosmetic surgery and advice or treatment to help with family planning or losing weight. All types of clinic mag glass

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Types of clinic

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    Family planning clinics

    • Provide confidential advice about contraception, sexual health and pregnancy.
    • Often offer free emergency contraception or pregnancy tests.
    • Provide fitting and checking of intrauterine devices such as coils and hormonal coils.
    • Sometimes also offer vasectomy, cervical screening and counselling services.
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    Slimming clinics

    • Offer advice and treatment to help with weight loss.
    • Provided or supervised by a registered doctor.
    • Can prescribe medication for reducing weight.
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  • Image of a woman with a positive pregnancy test

    Abortion clinics

    • Provide treatment to terminate a pregnancy.
    • Depending on the stage of the pregnancy, this may involve medication or surgery.
    • May be run by the NHS, private companies or charitable organisations.
    • These procedures may only be carried out in hospitals and licensed clinics with agreement of two doctors.
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